Questions and Answers

Questions Submitted by Citizens

Q - Are board members employed by the district?  A - No, they were elected by customers within the District's boundaries.  Although the board member are paid $100 per board meeting.

Q - Is Walnut Creek's prices higher than other water suppliers?  A - Walnut Creek SUD is on the lower end of the comparison of surrounding enities. 

Q - Why is the district promoting meters that do not meet state requirements as a replacemnt option and started to deploy them?       A - The district is currently installing Diehl Hydrus ultrasonic meters.  These meters have a lead-free copper alloy measuring tube for 5/8" x 3/4" - 1" and a stainless steel measuing tube for 1 1/2" - 2" meters.  The Hydrus meter complies with NSF/ANSI standard 61, Annex F/G, FCC part 15B, and meets or exceeds applicable section of the AWWA/ANSI C715.  All meters are tested for accuracy prior to installation as per AWWA standards.  30 TAC 288.2 (2)(A) was made referance to when concerning water meters.  30 TAC 288.2 (2)(A) states "a program of leak detection, repair, and water loss accounting for the water transmission, delivery, and distribution system."  This section solely pertains to the district filling a water loss audit report annually which is does.  The district meters how many gallons are pulled from Lake Bridgeport and compares that to water sold, water lost in leaks, and water flushed.  The district also monitors tank levels and pressure at all the pump stations.

Q - Why does the district keep adding connections when it acquired a variance from TCEQ because they can't meet the gal/min per connection requirement?  A - This variance was not obtained because the district cannot meet the TCEQ requirement of 0.6 gal/min per connection.  The variance was obtained and will continue to be renewed as long as the district provides TCEQ data proving the gal/min per connection demand is below 0.6 gal/min.

As of July 2023

  • Minimum Daily Demand per connection - 0.3186 gpm
  • Average Daily Demand per connection - 0.3897 gpm
  • Maximum Daily Demand per connection - 0.4428 gpm

Q - Why does Walnut Creek charge to go back and read a meter?  A - The customer is only charged the trip fee for rereading the meter if the reading from the bill coincides with the reading on the meter.

 Q - Does the district have any Water Quality issues?  A - The district hasn't had a water quality violation since the third quarter of 2020.