A word from the manager

Walnut Creek SUD customers, 12/14/23

 Some concerns and questions have been floating around among the district's customers and I would like to take a moment and address them.

1. It seems that some customers think that the district has moved to more stringent restrictions. Actually due to a 16" line upgrade in thye system we are able to allow watering once weekly. Previously (since August) the district has been in a complete watering ban. The level of Bridgeport Lake, the districts water supply is currently at 56.5% this keeps the district from allowing watering more frequently at this time. Watering schedules are listed elsewhere on this website.

2. Milky water in the Veal Station, Rocky Ridge and Vintage Oaks areas. This is caused by air in the water lines in this part of the system. It has been caused by the new upgraded line being put into use. Though the line was purged to remove air it is a process and crews have been out daily flushing in the area to purge the rest of the air. Water samples from the new lines were tested and approved, at a TCEQ approved lab before it could be turned on to the rest of the system. Actually Walnut Creek has multiple sample sights throughout the district and more are added as the district grows. Samples are pulled daily from from these sights per TCEQ standard and sent to TCEQ approved labs ,to ensure the safety of the water. As stated before the milky water is simply air and is in no way a health hazard.

3. Many have shown concern with the consideration that the current contract with The City of Boyd could be amended to allow more water sales to them. This was only a consideration and is not being acted upon at this time. It could be put up for reconsideration at a later date after more system upgrades have been completed. However at this time and all times  Walnut Creek's  main concern is to better serve customers and residents within the districts service area.

I hope this helps to answer questions and concerns in these areas.

Thank You , James Blackwood General Manager

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