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Later this year Walnut Creek S.U.D. will be upgrading the current AMR meter reading system to an AMI metering reading system.

Here are a few truths and myths of AMI

Automated Metering Infrastructure is shrouded in myths.

Misrepresentation of information regarding advanced technology creates misunderstanding and urban legends.  Municipalities, Special Utility Districts, and Water Supply Corporations across the nation have rolled out AMI to customers just like you, to provide the benefits of a modernized water metering system.

Walnut Creek Special Utility District, as your trusted water provider are here to put some fallacies to rest and shine light on the facts.

Myth No. 1: Advanced meters are less accurate than analog meters.

Truth: Meters are tested thoroughly before leaving the manufacturer.  All meter manufacturers must follow performance standards set by the American Water Works Association.

Truth: Meters will automatically send readings in once a day.

Myth No. 2: Advanced meters will not keep my data secure.

Truth: Water Utilities are required to safeguard consumer data just like banks, credit card companies, and other utilities and providers.

Truth: Data is protected through advanced security measures and encryption technology.  No consumer personal data is transmitted to the District only technical information.

Truth: Walnut Creek Special Utility District already values the security of you, our customer, and we will continue to uphold security while transitioning to advanced meters.

Myth No. 3: Advanced meters are an invasion of privacy.

Truth: Advanced meters measure your water consumption and time of day but do not identify specific devices using water.

Truth: Walnut Creek Special Utility District upholds privacy standards and guidelines set by the Public Utility Commission.

Truth: Water meters measure customer water usage, and data is collected at a single collection point, which is the transmitter.  The data will be used by the District staff to ensure quality of service through notification of possible leaks.

Myth No. 4: Advanced meters do not provide any consumer benefits.

Truth: Advanced meters capture and transmit water usage directly to the District, eliminating misreads.

Truth: Advanced meters provide near real-time water usage to allow customers to take more control of water conservation to help lower monthly bills.

Differentiating myths from reality will allow you, the customer, to take full advantage of the benefits of advanced meters.