Current Projects


The District's meter project is now underway; it will be taking place district wide over the next few months.  The meter change out crews are Contracted by the District.  So, don't be alarmed if you see the meter crew in your neighborhood/area. The crews are wearing reflective clothing that have Utility Worker on the back. The meter crews may be using a 4 wheeler as well as marked trucks for transpotation during this project.  You might also see a District truck accompanying the crews to assist in locating the meters to be changed out/upgraded. 

This meter project will be completed in two phases.

  1. 3/4" meters 5 yrs and older will be replaced, 3/4" meters less than 5yrs old will be upgraded to AMI
  2. Meters 1" and up will be upgraded to AMI.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the District's office.


Water Main Line Replacement

The District will be replacing the existing 4" water main line on Lynch Bend Rd with a 12" water main line in the upcoming months.  Locate crews will begin locating the existing 4" starting January 24, 2019 and marking line with blue flags and paint.